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Highlights of the 2016
Uniform Dwelling Code Changes

Effective January 1, 2016, the Department of Safety and Professional Services has updated the Uniform Dwelling Code, ch. SPS 320-325.  This is the most recent revision since 2011.  These revisions update and clarify the Uniform Dwelling Code to make it consistent with contemporary construction practices, products, and materials. The rules clear up confusing and ambiguous portions of the code. They clarify language relating to stairs, ramps, and landings, and accessory guards and handrails. These rules also update references to national standards and provide flexibility in meeting exiting requirements. Further they establish safer standards for dryer exhaust and clarify ceiling height, foundation anchorage, and framing and fastening provisions.  Also incorporated within the package are updates to single family deck provisions addressing materials, structural integrity as well as additional anchorage provisions.

Hyperlinks have been set up below that will take you directly to the referenced code section.

New language is included that addresses the following items:

The following chapters of the UDC Appendix can be accessed via the corresponding hyperlinks.  Please note that once you have accessed the document you will need to open up the internal “pdf.” links in order to view the document in its entirety, including numerous graphical illustrations.

The 2016 version of SPS 320 and 321 include a variety of language changes, the bulk of which do not effectively change their application.  These changes in wording include:


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