Town of Brookfield Police Department

Neighborhood Watch Program

Steps to starting a Neighborhood Watch:

  1. Contact the Town of Brookfield Police Department to express your interest in stating a neighborhood watch in your neighborhood.  We will assist you in how to get it going.

  2. Visit your neighbors and explain that you are starting a neighborhood watch program for your neighborhood.  Get an idea of the interest from your neighbors.

  3. Pick a date for a start up "Kick Off" meeting.  Choose a date that gives people three to four weeks notice.  Hold the meeting in a home in the neighborhood or at a local church, school, etc.

  4. Contact the Police Department again and invite them to your meeting.  Let us know about how many people are interested and may be attending (the TBPD will supply forms, booklets, and signs).

  5. The meeting day - The TBPD can give a presentation on the N.W. program.  Establish your N.W. area and members.

  6. Conduct follow-up meetings and invite the police department to speak on topics such as vandalism prevention, safety tips, auto safety, home security, etc.

  7. Keep your Neighborhood Watch group active!




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