Town of Brookfield Police Department

Obtaining Police Reports/Records

  • Copies of police reports and accident reports can be obtained during normal business hours at the Town of Brookfield Police Department.  There is a charge of $5.25 for a copy of a report (first six pages) and $0.53 per page thereafter.

  • Photographs are $0.53 per printed photo and $5.25 for a compact disc.

  • Both incident reports and accident reports generally take three working days to be available for copy.  If the incident or accident is still under investigation it may take longer.  Incidents involving juveniles may also be restricted.


  • The Town of Brookfield Police Department will provide fingerprinting for Town residents or for people who are employed by a business within the Town of Brookfield.

  • Please bring a photo identification card and your fingerprint card.

Department Tours

  • The Town of Brookfield Police Department provides tours for organizations or groups wishing have a tour. To schedule an appointment for a tour please contact Lt. Mironischen at (262) 796-3798 x126.

Bicycle Registration

The Town of Brookfield Police Department requires that all bicycles be registered with the Police Department. There is no fee for registration and no expiration for the registration tag. To register your bicycle, stop by the PD during normal business hours.


  • No person under the age of 17 years shall loiter, idle or remain upon any street, alley, or other public place in the Town between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am the next day unless such child is accompanied by his parent, guardian or other adult person having legal custody of such child

    • Exceptions: This section shall not apply to a child:

      • Who is performing an errand as directed by his parent, guardian, or person having lawful custody

      • Who is performing an errand of urgent necessity

      • Who is on his own premises or in the areas immediately adjacent thereto

      • Whose employment makes is necessary to be upon the streets, alleys, or public places or in any motor vehicle during such hours

      • Who is returning home from a supervised school, church, or civic function or going to or from places of business or amusements or private homes


Outdoor Fire Regulated

  • Except as provided in this section, no person shall burn or cause to be burned:

    • Garbage

    • Material liberating any toxic substance or combustion producing any noxious odor or creating a health hazard.  This section shall not include fallen leaves, cut grass, or branches that have fallen or been cut

    • Flammable or combustible liquids or any other materials that create a fire hazard

    • Open areas of grass, woods, brush or similar materials

    • Combustibles in an amount exceeding 2 feet in height and  feet in diameter

  • Burning shall be allowed during daylight hours only and shall be completely extinguished by sunset

  • Burning shall be physically supervised be a competent person at least 16 years of age and personally attended until such fire is completely extinguished.  This person shall have fire extinguishing equipment available within 20 feet of such fire

  • No open burning shall be allowed when the wind velocity exceeds 10 miles per hour

  • Burning and the disposal of ash residue shall not be permitted on or within any improved street, drainage ditch, alley, parkway, public place, or right-of-way



Snow Season Parking Restrictions

  • No person shall park, stop, or leave standing any vehicle upon any street or highway in the Town of Brookfield from November 1 through April 30

Overnight Park Restrictions

  • Unless authorized in this chapter, no person shall park or leave standing any vehicle upon any street or highway in the Town from 2:00 am - 6:00 am

  • If you need to park your vehicle on the roadway overnight, please contact the Police Department at 262-796-3798 to request permission

  • For other restrictions on parking call the Police Department


  • It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, expose, or offer for sales, manufacture, have in his possession, use, keep, discharge, or explode any fireworks, blank cartridges, toy pistols, toy canes, or cannons in which explosives are used, contrivances using explosive caps or cartridges, display wheels, torpedoes, sky rockets, Roman Candles, aerial salutes, American or Chinese bombs or other fireworks or like construction, or any fireworks containing any explosive or flammable compound or any tablets or devices commonly used and sold as fireworks containing nitrates, chlorates, oxalates, sulfides, or lead barium, antimony, arsenic, mercury, nitroglycerine, phosphorus or any compound containing any of the same or other modem explosives within the town 

  • Toy snakes, sparklers and caps are permitted in the Town

  • For more information, please refer to the Town Municipal Code

Door To Door Solicitation

  • No person shall act as a door to door sales merchant or solicitor without being registered and receiving an identification card for those purposes (ID card issued by the Town of Brookfield)

  • Solicitors must apply for a permit with the TBPD

  • There is a fee of $30.00 for each organization, company, or entity seeking issuance of a license.  In addition, there is a fee of $15.00 for each applicant who is to be licensed to solicit in the Town

  • Approved solicitors can only engage in business activity or solicitation between 9:00 am and sunset, not to exceed 8:00 pm

  • Several other restriction apply for persons wishing to solicit in the Town; contact the TBPD

Click here for Approved Solicitors.

Vehicle/House Lockouts

  • The Town of Brookfield Police Department only assists citizen who have been locked out of their vehicle if there is a child in the vehicle, an animal locked in the vehicle, or the vehicle is running inside a garage

  • The Police Department with the assistance of the Fire Department may be able to assist you if you become locked out of your home.

Warning Siren Activation

  • Sirens will sound when any of the following is observed:

    • A tornado on the ground, which is an immediate threat to the community

    • A funnel cloud aloft posing an imminent threat to the community reported by a reliable source

    • High winds or large hail causing property damage and posing an immediate threat to health and safety; or

    • A department shift commander or local emergency government official determines that weather conditions are posing a threat to health, safety, and property of residents

    • Notification from the National Weather service and/or via the NOAA radio alert for our area

  • The Town of Brookfield tests its weather sirens year round at 2:00 pm every Wednesday, beginning with the first Wednesday of April and ending with the last Wednesday of September and on the second Wednesday of each month at 2:00 pm from October to the end of March. The weekly test of the weather warning sirens WILL NOT occur if threatening weather is possible.


645 N. Janacek Rd.
Brookfield, WI 53045
(262) 796-3788
fax: (262) 796-0339