Town of Brookfield Sponsorship & Advertising

Team & Program Sponsorships

Instructional Soccer
Ages 4-6
Full team sponsorship would include T-shirt and soccer balls
$200.00 each

Instructional Baseball
Ages 6-8
Full team sponsorship would include t-shirts, balls, equipment
$250.00 per team

Special Event Sponsorships

Easter Egg Hunt
Colored plastic eggs:  $300
Candy/Toys:  $100

July 4th Celebration
Tents (2):  $500 ea.
Band:  $600
Soda/Ice:  $350
Meat/Buns:  $300.
Fruit pies:  $200 or donation
Prizes:  Donations

Big Splash Day
Naming Rights: $200
Balloons:  $50
Beverages:  $50

Annual Tree Lighting Celebration
Candy: $100
Hot Drinks:  $50
Gifts:  $100 or donation

All youth sports team sponsorship includes your logo printed on the t-shirts or jerseys, mention in the Town Tidings newsletter, name on the team schedules, and the appreciation of the Park & Rec Committee and participants. If you have different needs or ideas for your sponsorship, just let us know. We will work together to get you the greatest benefit for your partnership ideas!

Just provide the logo and information for us to get onto the shirts and printed materials.  We will be happy to pick up any such materials and can help with any design questions.  

If you have other ideas on how to set up your sponsorship, let us know.  New ideas are always welcome.

Call, email, or stop in today! Get our Sponsorship/Advertising packet which include the form we'll need for your sponsorwhip.

Town Tidings and Rec Guide Sponsorships 

Our newsletter and Park & Recreation Guides are mailed out to each and every home in the Town of Brookfield. This means that 2,700 homes and over 6,300 reader get to see your ad and that ad is focused closely to your geographic location.

Town Tidings Newsletter
The Town Tidings newsletter is distributed to all residential households within the Town of Brookfield twice per year: May and November.

Rec Guide Sponsorship
The Rec Guide comes out twice per year (March and August).  The Rec Guides are kept for two season in most households again expanding the reach of your ad.

Advertising Rules

  • Only commercial business advertising that a reasonable person would consider being in good taste is allowed.
  • Personal or political advertisements are not allowed.
  • Alcohol and tobacco advertisements are prohibited unless accessory to a business (i.e. restaurant with a bar is permissible; exclusively an alcohol establishment prohibited).
  • The Town of Brookfield will have authority to disapprove certain advertisements if they are found not to be in good taste or otherwise inappropriate for advertising in a town publication.
  • Advertisements within the Town Tidings or Rec Guide do not constitute endorsement by the Town of Brookfield for products or services contained therein.  Reference to any specific commercial products, processes or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the Town of Brookfield.
  • The Town reserves the right to enforce space limits and accept advertising on a first-come, first-served basis.  The Town Administrator reserves the right to add additional space for advertising purposes if necessary.


  • Advertisements must be provided to the Town in a camera-ready format, compatible with the software capabilities of the Town.
  • Payment for the insertion of an ad must be made prior to publication.
  • Businesses may purchase ad space on an annual basis at a discounted rate.


  • 1/16 Page (1 5/8" x 2 1/8") = $75 per issue or annually for $250 (savings of $50!)
  • 1/8 Page (3 1/2" x 2 1/8") = $150 per issue or annually for $500 (savings of $100!)
  • 1/4 Page (3 1/2" x 4 1/2") = $250 per issue or annually for $850 (savings of $150!)
  • 1/2 Page (7" x 4 1/2") = $400 per issue or annually for $1300 (savings of $300!)


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