Stormwater Information

The Town of Brookfield is responsible for providing flood protection for its residents and protecting the environment from non-point source pollution.  Storm water management and water quality regulations are mandated by the State of Wisconsin under a number of state statutes.  The town has received a Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) permit under NR 216 regulations.  The town completed a Storm Water Management Plan (SMP) in 1998 to address storm water quantity and quality for those area of the town that drain to the Fox River Watershed.  The primary goals include:


  • protect the water quality of local streams, lakes, wetlands, and groundwater
  • protect environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands, fish and wildlife habitat, and environmental corridors
  • protect public and private property from the potential dangers caused by storm water runoff


The town created the Storm Water Utility District #1 and began implementation of a storm water management user fee to meet revenue needs for storm water management.  The town funds operation and maintenance of these elements, and constructs capital improvement projects.


Public Assistance

Spills - The health and safety of the general public is first and foremost.  Should you identify a substance that may result in a discharge of pollutants into the town's storm water collection system or a water of the state, please contact one of the following numbers:

  • Emergency - dial 911 (major spills are identified as an emergency condition and generally include hazardous materials)

  • Non-emergency - contact the Town of Brookfield Fire Department at 262-796-3792 (most spills are non-emergency, minor in nature and occur during vehicle repairs or accidents, in which the automobile fluids including , gasoline, oil, transmission fluid, and antifreeze are present)

Illicit Discharges - Per Town Ordinance Chapter 26.07(8), no person shall discharge, spill, or dump substances or materials which are not entirely composed of storm water into receiving bodies of water, or onto driveways, sidewalks, parking lots or other areas that drain into the storm drainage system.  Should you suspect an illicit discharge, please contact the Town of Brookfield Building Inspection Department at 262-796-3790.

Erosion Control - Building sites generate a large amount of sediment and pollutants during land disturbing construction activity.  Contractors are required to have erosion control practices in place per Town Ordinance Chapter 30.  Should you suspect an incident of improper erosion control, please contact the Town of Brookfield Building Inspection Department at 262-796-3790.


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