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Town of Brookield Fire Department



I would like to thank you for taking the time to review our 2011 Annual Report. Once again, the members of the Town of Brookfield Fire Department (TBFD) take great pride in serving this community and we are extremely proud of our department and the quality of our service.
Hopefully you took a moment to look at the two pictures on the cover of this year’s annual report. The pictures show most, although not all, of the members of this department. These pictures were taken this last fall during our department-wide training at the Wauwatosa Fire Department training facility. The members in these pictures represent the firefighters, paramedics, heavy equipment operators, and officers that provide critical emergency services to the Town of Brookfield every day. I’m sure if you talk to any firefighter they will tell you that they get the greatest satisfaction from their job when they are able to use the knowledge, skills, and abilities they train on daily. There is however much more that goes into what we do than responding to an emergency event. This department could not function if it was not for the many members of the department that contribute in areas that do not get much recognition. Therefore I would like to take this year’s letter to recognize these members and let you know the critical tasks they carry out to make this department perform at the highest level possible day in and day out.


Department Training
A/C Tony D'Amico
Lt/Par Steve Raclaw
FF/Par Travis Padgett
Schedule Management
FF/Par Travis Padgett
Equipment Repair
FF/HEO Steve Karki
FF/Par Arron Kluck
Fire Inspections
FF/Par Jim Phillips
Technical Support
FF/Par Tim Meyer
Station Supplies
Lt/Par Dave Birnshein
FF/Heo Nicky Rybicki

Public Relations and Education
Capt. Preston Reynolds

Paramedic Preceptors
FF/Par Tim Meyer
FF/Par John Rosandich
FF/Par Paul Guilbert
FF/Par Jeff Freitag

Driver Oper. Training
FF/HEO Chad Lucchesi
FF/Par Travis Padgett

EMS Quality Improvement
FF/Par John Rosandich


EMS Inventory
FF/HEO Steve Karki

Like anyone expressing thanks and recognition there are always people that get forgotten. Therefore, I would like to recognize and thank all the members of the TBFD that perform their job for this department and community.


The Town of Brookfield Fire Department provides a wide sarray of services including full paramedic and rescue. The department is staffed by dedicated and highly trained professionals that go the extra mile to protect town residents and our visitors.

Mission Statement

The Town of Brookfield Fire Department will provide the best possible service to our customers who are in need of assistance from any type of natural or man-made emergency by providing fire suppression, emergency medical, hazardous materials, and technical rescue services.

The department will also provide non-emergency services to our customers through public education, fire prevention, and generalized customer service efforts. The department will provide these services by using highly trained, motivated, and dedicated personnel and available resources.

Core Values


*We recognize that the community is the reason for our existence.

*We value the faith and trust of the community, and continually work to earn that confidence through our attitude, conduct, and performance.

*The safety of the public is of paramount importance.

*All members of the public are entitled to the highest level of service.

For the Department

*We strive for excellence and the highest quality of service in everything we do both as individuals and as a team.

*We provide professional and courteous service at all times.

*Professionalism, honesty, and integrity will not be compromised.

*We treat each other and the public with dignity and respect.

*Members are encouraged to improve themselves as individuals and employees.

*We promote a diverse work force which reflects the community we serve.