Beverage Operator (Bartender) Licenses



Beverage Operator (Bartender) Licenses are required for any person selling or serving fermented malt beverages/intoxicating liquor at an establishment within the boundaries of the Town of Brookfield. 

New applicants must successfully complete a State of Wisconsin approved safe serve (beverage server) training course (see “Training” at or contact a Wisconsin Technical College) unless: the applicant held an operator’s license, or completed an authorized training course, or acted as an agent  under a qualifying license in Wisconsin within the past two years. A copy of the course completion certificate, or other qualifying license, must be submitted with this application.

Please note that operator/bartender licenses do NOT transfer from municipality to municipality. You must obtain one in each city/town/village that you work in.

Fee Schedule

Fees are as follows:

$50 for new applicant – this includes a provisional license (valid for 90 days)

$40 for a renewal

Please make checks payable to the Town of Brookfield


Contact the Clerks office for more information. Applicant must appear in person to obtain the permit application.


Municipal Code Chapter 12.03(3)(h) – Operator’s License