Building and Zoning Code


Zoning Code

The Town of Brookfield Zoning Code provides a framework for the review of proposed developments (or re-development) of land, to provide for orderly development, protect the safety and welfare of the residents and to protect property values. The Zoning Code defines limitations as to uses permitted and sets dimensional standards for setbacks, minimum lots size, et cetera.

Chapter 17 – Zoning Code (Town Zoning Code )

Town-wide Zoning Map is available here.

Building Code

The Town has adopted the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC) as part of the Town of Brookfield Building Code for one and two family construction. The Wisconsin Enrolled Commercial Building Code has been adopted for commercial and multi-family construction.

These Codes basically require permits for any alteration or repair that impacts structure or exiting. Ordinary maintenance does not require a Building Permit. Alterations in the interior of existing construction, like basement remodeling or the reconfiguration of spaces (kitchen, master suite, et cetera) require a Building Permit. An addition to a structure would obviously require a Building Permit, as would a deck, since a deck must support occupancy loads and resist frost damage to both the deck and the principle structure.

Check the Building Inspection Permit Fee schedule for all associated fees with the Building Code.

Fences, on the other hand, do not require a Building Permit. There are, however, restrictions for fences in Section 17.02(14)(g)11 the Zoning Code.

Uniform Dwelling Code

Effective January 1, 2016, the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services has updated the Uniform Dwelling Code, ch. SPS 320-325.

This is the most recent revision since 2011. These revisions update and clarify the Uniform Dwelling Code to make it consistent with contemporary construction practices, products, and materials. The rules clear up confusing and ambiguous portions of the code. They clarify language relating to stairs, ramps, and landings, and accessory guards and handrails. These rules also update references to national standards and provide flexibility in meeting exiting requirements. Further they establish safer standards for dryer exhaust and clarify ceiling height, foundation anchorage, and framing and fastening provisions. Also incorporated within the package are updates to single family deck provisions addressing materials, structural integrity as well as additional anchorage provisions.

Use this link to connect to the referenced Code Section.

Here is a direct link to the text of the new Deck Code language. These are substantial upgrades to the previous Code and will likely be a point of some confusion in the upcoming construction season, especially for homeowners planning a deck project this summer.