Town Planning Documents


Comprehensive Plan

Project Overview
The Town of Brookfield is currently in the process of creating a Comprehensive Plan which will provide vision and guidance for future land use decisions in the town. The Town of Brookfield will work with a planning consultant team (SEH), the Plan Commission, and the Town Board. This process is expected take approximately 15 months and will require public input from the community on how they envision Brookfield’s future over a 20-year planning horizon.

Purpose of Plan
Communities create comprehensive plans to create a shared vision among the community’s residents, elected officials, and municipal staff. This shared vision is established by creating a vision statement, goals, and objectives through collaborative exercises, meetings, and surveys. This is the time for community residents to express their thoughts on the future of the community and have an impact on the town that they live, work, and play.

Plan Adoption
The Final Town of Brookfield Comprehensive Plan was approved by the Town Board on January 27, 2023. A copy of the appoved plan can be found at the following link: 2022-2042 Comprehensive Plan

Other Town Planning Documents

Redevelopment Planning Documents

Bluemound Road-IH94 Redevelopment Area Study (2006)

Bluemound Road Corridor Redevelopment Plan (2008)

Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (1999)

Urban Forestry Management Plan

Urban Forestry Management Plan (2002)

Bikeway Master Plan

Bikeway Master Plan (1997)