Vacation/House Checks

If you are going out of town on vacation for a few months, a few weeks, or even a few days, you can contact the police department administrative office and request a “house check.” Please be prepared to advise all pertinent information including dates away, name, address, emergency contact person, timers, lights, alarms, etc. This is a free service to Town residents provided by your police department.

Officers will make every effort to check your residence daily. Notifying the police department when you are away for just a weekend or an extended period of time may give you peace of mind while you are away.

Please use the House Check Form to expedite the process.

Business Check Program

The police department dedicates resources to keeping our businesses safe. Officers routinely conduct foot patrols when businesses are open during normal business hours. After businesses close for the day our officers conduct business checks, often walking around the business and checking to be sure that all windows and exterior doors are secured.

If an officer finds an open door or window or any other suspicious activity our department maintains a “keyholder” file where officers or a dispatcher can look up the business to attempt to locate and notify a current employee, manager, or owner for the business.

Periodically an officer may leave a “business check” card in the door of a business so they know that their location was checked and found to be secure. If found to be unsecured, then to notify that business as such.

Severe Weather Warning Siren

Sirens will sound when any of the following is observed:

  • A tornado on the ground, which is an immediate threat to the community
  • A funnel cloud aloft posing an imminent threat to the community reported by a reliable source
  • High winds or large hail causing property damage and posing an immediate threat to health and safety; or
  • A department shift commander or local emergency government official determines that weather conditions are posing a threat to health, safety, and property of residents
  • Notification from the National Weather service and/or via the NOAA radio alert for our area

The Town of Brookfield tests its weather sirens year round at 2:00 pm every Wednesday, beginning with the first Wednesday of April and ending with the last Wednesday of September and on the second Wednesday of each month at 2:00 pm from October to the end of March. The weekly test of the weather warning sirens WILL NOT occur if threatening weather is possible.