Private Well Permits


Renewal of Private Well Permits

The Sanitary District will be sending notices for permit renewals the first week of April, along with the necessary information, to property owners telling them that it is time to either renew their private well permits or abandon their well. The renewal packet will consist of three items:

If you would like to know if your property will need to have its well permit renewed this year, please call (262) 798-8631.

Although the renewal requires you to have another inspection of your well, you will have to submit certification of only one safe water sample rather than the two safe water samples that were required with your initial permit.

Because the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) holds the water utility responsible for enforcing the permit/abandonment program for private wells, we are especially grateful for your cooperation. Each year during our annual inspection, the DNR gives us high marks for our efforts and work with the program and that would not be possible without your cooperation.

If you have any questions regarding the renewal of your private well permit, please call (262) 798-8631.

Private Well Permits FAQ

May I continue to use my private water well, if it is operational?

Yes, you may continue to use the private well on your property only if you renew the well permit. The Sanitary District may issue you a 5-year renewal of the permit if it can be justified that the well is necessary for outside water use (ex: watering of bushes and grass, washing vehicles, etc.). Your private well cannot be connected to the municipal water system within the building (no “cross connections”). In accordance with the District’s Well Use and Abandonment Ordinance, which was required by the Wisconsin DNR, you must either renew the Well Operation Permit or abandon your private well by October 31, 2023.

What do I have to submit to the SANITARY DISTRICT OFFICE in order to obtain a renewal of the Well Operation Permit?

  1. One water test report showing that the water is bacteriologically safe
  2. The completed Inspection Form, which is located on the back side of the renewal application OR a letter attached to the application which includes the required well information, and which must be signed by the certified well/pump installer or the DNR-licensed well inspector who performed the inspection
  3. The enclosed Renewal Application Form
  4. Renewal Fee of $35.00

Is there a fee to renew a well permit?

The Sanitary District charges a fee of $35.00 to renew a well permit.

Is an inspection required to obtain a renewal of the permit?

An inspection by a certified well/pump installer or DNR-licensed well inspector is required in order to check for compliance with the private well code and for completion of the letter or form, mentioned above.

Who can I talk to about the water sampling and the required well inspection?

Waukesha County Parks & Land Use, Division of Environmental Health, (262) 896-8300, can assist you with questions relating to the well inspection and water sampling. OR, for water sampling, type in “Water Analysis” in your favorite search engine.

Who can I talk to at the DNR if I have questions relating to my private well?

Kevin Shurilla, a private water supply specialist for Waukesha County, can assist you with questions relating to your private system. He can be reached at (920) 892-8756.

If I do not intend to continue using my well, must it be abandoned?


Why must my well be abandoned if I am not using it?

When a property is served by municipal water system, the State of Wisconsin law requires that certain conditions be met in order to continue using the private well. If those conditions are not met, state law requires that the well be properly abandoned in order to help prevent contamination of the ground water.

When must it be abandoned?

You must either renew the permit for your well or abandon the well by October 31, 2019. A copy of the required DNR Form 3300-SB, entitled Well/Drillhole/Borehole Abandonment, must be submitted to our office, showing that the well was properly abandoned.

Who may perform the well abandonment?

Although the State allows any plumber to do well abandonment work, the DNR recommends that registered and licensed well drillers and pump installers be retained to properly fill and abandon private wells. You may find contractors by looking in the Yellow Pages under the following categories:


Does the well abandonment require a plumbing permit?

Yes, your contractor must obtain a plumbing permit from the Town of Brookfield’s Inspection Department. You can contact the Inspection Department at (262) 796-3790.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call our office at  (262) 798-8631.