Mosquito Control

Mosquito Abatement

The Town’s Mosquito Abatement Program, created in 1995, is an ongoing mosquito control program to assist in the prevention of mosquito borne illnesses and improve the enjoyment of private residences and Town recreational areas and parks.

The Town’s program includes regular treatments of adulticide at Town parks and town-wide applications as necessary to control mosquito population. 

The Town town-wide application program includes a roadside application of adulticide utilizing a truck mounted sprayer. Roadside applications are completed in four sections according to the following list:

  • Section I: South of Davidson Road
  • Section II: North of Davidson; south of Bluemound Road
  • Section III: North of Bluemound Road; south of North Avenue
  • Section IV: North of North Avenue

Spraying Schedule

Spraying dates and times are scheduled based on citizen comment and weather patterns. Spraying operations are limited when temperatures are below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, winds are above 10 miles per hour, or if rain is expected. 

Spraying will typically start between 1:00 am and run until 6:00 am. Spraying operations may be delayed or canceled due to changes in the weather conditions.

Date of Last Application Planned Application Date Section
8/28/2021 June 19, 2023 Section I
8/29/2021 TBD Section II and IV
8/30/2021 TBD Section III

What Can I do as a property owner?

Great question! Mosquito control needs to be a coordinated effort between the Town, residents and businesses. Residents and businesses are encouraged to properly dispose of old tires and regularly clean out gutters, bird baths, or any other item or area that may hold water and serve as a potential breeding area.

In addition to these activities, the Town also engages in ongoing catch basin and/or storm inlet cleaning to reduce mosquito-breeding areas. The following links provide additional information on mosquito borne illness or what you can do to alter mosquito habitat.