Solicitors & Door-to-Door Sales Permit



To protect the tranquility, quiet enjoyment, privacy, and safety of its citizens and to prevent fraudulent practices by solicitors or those engaged in door-to-door sales activities, the Town deems it appropriate to require a notification and identification procedure from solicitors and those engaged in door-to-door sales activities to achieve these legitimate objectives.


Any individual, whether principal, agent, or employee, who engages, does, or transacts any business through door-to-door sales activities.


Any individual, whether principal, agent, or employee who solicits or asks for contributions for any purpose or engages in activity that is part of the individual’s plan or scheme to solicit or ask for contributions for any purpose, including, but not limited to, orders for goods, wares, merchandise, or services, including subscriptions for magazines, periodicals, and books.

Current Permit Holders List

There are currently no solicitor permit holders on file with the Town of Brookfield.

Fee Schedule



Direct Sales Business Permit Application

Direct Sales Individual Permit Application

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Municipal Code Chapter 12.05 – Solicitor/Door-to-Door Sales