Do you take credit card payments?

Yes, you can now pay your Court fees with a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover credit card. This option is offered through AllPaid (formerly Government Payment Services) by clicking on the button below. They do charge a fee for this service.

Can I reschedule my court date?

You may reschedule your court date one time as long as you call prior to your court date. If this is your initial appearance, you will need to enter a “Not Guilty Plea” in writing to the court prior to the assigned court date. You will then receive one new court date. To enter a plea you can do so by downloading and completing the Not Guilty Plea Form and either fax (262-796-0339), mail, or bring the completed/signed form to Town Hall prior to the assigned court date.

I missed my court date and really wanted to appear. Can I get it reopened?

To get a matter reopened, you must write a letter to the Judge explaining why you missed your court date and asking that it be reopened. The judge may charge a reopening fee in the range of $0 – $50. If the reopening request is more than six months past the entry of a judgment, a hearing will be held before the judge, with the prosecutor present. To schedule a date to appear for a Motion to Reopen, download and complete the form and either fax it (262-796-0339), mail in or bring the completed/signed form to the Clerk of Court’s office or contact the Clerk for a date and form to be mailed.

I didn’t pay my fines and now I’m suspended. What do I do now?

If this is the only suspension/revocation on your driving record, you must first pay your fine to the court. Once paid, we will electronically notify the DMV of the payment. Please allow 24-48 hours for their records to update. You will pay them a reinstatement fee in order to have your privilege to drive in Wisconsin reinstated.

Can I get an extension to pay my fines?

Yes, but you must put your request in writing. Explain in a letter why you need the extension, how much time you need, and if you want to be put on a payment plan, how much you can afford to pay per week or month. This request must be made prior to your fine due date.

I’m afraid I’m going to lose my license on points. What can I do?

Make your court appearance and inform the judge of your license status. She may grant you the opportunity to complete Point Reduction School. Upon completion, you will receive three points back on your license.

How long will this traffic charge remain on my record?

The points will remain on your record for one year from the date of the violation. The actual charge will remain on your record for five years, unless the charge is Operating While Intoxicated or Operating with a Prohibited Alcohol Concentration. That will remain on your record forever.