Utility Billing Schedule

Click to see a sample Utility Bill.

Utilities are billed quarterly on the following schedule:

  • 1st Qtr January thru March – Due April 25
  • 2nd Qtr April thru June – Due July 25
  • 3rd Qtr July thru September – Due October 25
  • 4th Qtr October thru December – Due January 25

If the 25th lands on a Saturday, the bill will be due Friday, the 24th, and if the 25th lands on a Sunday, the bill will be due Monday, the 26th. To avoid penalties, payments must be received in the town hall office or tower drop box, by 4:30 pm on the due date.

Payment Methods

Accepted Payment methods include check, cash, or by credit/debit card.

Cash and check payments must be received by the SD#4 office (located in the Town Hall) by the due date during normal business hours. Date of mailing as indicated by postmark is NOT considered evidence of receipt.  For the convenience of our customers, an after-hours drop box is located at the Town Hall and the front gate of the water tower located on Barker Rd.  DO NOT put payments in the U.S. Mail Box located in the Town Hall parking lot.  The drop box for payments is located just to the right of the Town Hall east entrance.  Also note the amount due after the due date printed on the utility bill only reflects the first late fee.  A late fee is assessed to the account on the 26th of every month the bill is outstanding.

A late-payment charge of 1% will be compounded monthly on the unpaid balance. A 10% surcharge will be added to any unpaid balance remaining on November 1, and, if not paid by November 15, will be placed on the property tax bill.

For online payments, please go to the Online Payments page.

Change of Address Form

Some residents leave the town for extended vacations or have winter homes away from their permanent address. In this case, billing and all other SD#4 information can be forwarded to your temporary address. Fill out the Temporary Change of Address Form and SD #4 will be able to get you current information in a timely fashion.