Election Information


Election integrity is of the utmost importance to our office. The mission of the Town Clerk’s Office is to administer fair and accurate elections. This page provides helpful information related to voting and elections in the Town of Brookfield. 

2023 Spring Election Sample Ballots

Sample Ballot – Wards 1, 2, & 11

Sample Ballot – Wards 3-8

Sample Ballot – Wards 9 & 10

Election Notices

Notice Type Date Published or Posted
Type A Notice – Notice of Election November 22, 2022
Type B Notice – Sample Ballots March 15, 2023
Type C Notice – Notice of Referendum March 30, 2023
Type D Notice – Location and Hours of Polling Places March 28, 2023
Type E Notice – Voting by Absentee Ballot March 7, 2023
SVD Notice – Nursing Home & Care Facility Schedule March 7, 2023
Public Test of Voting Machines March 15, 2023
Statement of Provisional & Outstanding Ballots April 7, 2023

Wisconsin requires Photo IDs to vote!

For more information, please visit the following website: https://bringit.wisconsin.gov/

Election News 2024

The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) administers, interprets and enforces all the voting laws in Wisconsin. PHONE: 608-266-8005 or EMAIL:ELECTIONS@WI.GOV

If your name or address has changed since you last voted you will need to update your registration with your new information. All registration forms must include an acceptable Proof of Residence document. You can find voter registration information and more at https://elections.wi.gov.

You can request an absentee ballot or check your registration status at https://MyVote.WI.gov.

If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk’s Office at (262) 796-3788.


Spring Primary: February 20, 2024 (if needed)

Spring Election and Presidential Preference Vote: April 2, 2024

Fall Partisan Primary: August 13, 2024

Fall Presidential Election: November 5, 2024

Wisconsin Elections Commission

The Wisconsin Elections Commission administers and enforces all the voting laws in Wisconsin. You can find Voter Registration information, referendum questions and so much more. Check it out!