Town of Brookfield, Wisconsin



Tom Hagie,
Town Administrator

Most of us take for granted what services the town provides to its residents and businesses.  While you may see the police officer, firefighter/paramedic, building inspector or other town employees, the Town Administrator works behind the scenes to help ensure that our public services operates smoothly and efficiently everyday, 24 hours a day.

As the Town Administrator, my primary responsibilities are:

  1. Working with the elected officials to carryout their directives and policies.
  2. Prepare the annual budget, submit it to the elected officials for approval, and to implement it once it is approved.
  3. To monitor the budget and to make sure that there is no wasteful spending, that expenditures are made as the Town Board intended, and to ensure the financial health of the town.
  4. Supervise department heads, administrative personnel, and other town employees.
  5. Ensure that the Town of Brookfield continues to be an economically strong, high quality of life community and at an equitable tax rate that does not drive residents and businesses away from the community.
  6. To seek feedback from residents and the business community so that present and future needs are addressed.
  7. Manage the day to day operations of the town.


As Town Administrator, I am always available to find an answer to your questions as they apply to the town.  Please feel free to contact me by email, call, or just stop in to see me.

-Town Administrator Tom Hagie

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Please note the ordinances, agendas, and minutes are available here online but to contact the Town Hall for final, approved, and legal documents.